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High Energy Theory Seminars 2022-2023

Seminars are held in 469 Lauritsen at 11am and via Zoom.

The organizers for this seminar series are Nathan Benjamin and Julio Parra-Martinez.

Contact for Zoom information.

High Energy Theory Seminars 2022-2023

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 30 (*10:30am*) Ying Zhao UCSB Collisions of shockwaves and quantum circuits
Oct 7 (*12pm*)
114 E. Bridge
Chris Akers MIT The black hole interior from non-isometric codes and complexity
(*3pm*) Ying-Hsuan Lin Harvard Words to describe a black hole
Oct 14 Kartik Prabhu UCSB Infrared finite scattering in QFT & quantum gravity
Oct 21 John McGreevy UCSD Entanglement Bootstrap and Remote Detectability
Oct 28 No Seminar - HirosiFest
Nov 4 Henry Lin Stanford The bulk Hilbert space of double scaled SYK
Nov 11 Vijay Balasubramanian UPenn How The Black Hole Got Its Horizon: Chaos Complexity, and Randomness
Nov 18 Clifford Johnson USC Random Matrix Spectroscopy and Quantum Gravity
Nov 25 Thanksgiving holiday
Dec 2 Abhiram Kidambi IPMU Gravitational Path Integral for 1/4 BPS N = 4 black holes from Siegel Modular Forms
- - - Winter break
Jan 6 Alexey Milekhin UCSB Measurement-induced phase transition in teleportation and wormholes
Jan 13 Seminar canceled
Jan 20 Tom Hartman Cornell Holographic codes in CFT
Jan 27 Craig Lawrie DESY Distinguishing SCFTs in Four and Six Dimensions
Feb 2 @2pm Murat Kologlu Yale Quantum Detectorology
Feb 3 Alexander Zhiboedov CERN Nonperturbative scattering amplitudes from dispersive iterations of unitarity
Feb 10 Shiraz Minwalla Tata Institute Crossing Symmetry in Matter Chern Simons theories at finite N and k
Feb 17 Jacques Distler UT Austin VOAs and RG flows in 4D N=2 Theories
Feb 24 Connor Behan Oxford Coupled minimal models revisited
March 3 (*10:30am*) Kimyeong Lee KIAS Twisting 6d (2,0) SCFTs and LSTs
March 10 Avia Raviv-Moshe Stony Brook Line Defects in CFTs: from Spin Impurities to Wilson Lines
- - - Spring break
March 31 Dalimil Mazac IAS Conformal measure spaces
April 7 Silviu Pufu Princeton Mass shift in lattice Hamiltonian approach to Schwinger model
April 14 Liam Fitzpatrick Boston University Thermalization and Chaos from Energy Eigenstates in QFT
April 21 Clay Cordova Chicago Non-Invertible Chiral Symmetry
April 28 Edgar Shaghoulian UCSC Some comments on modular invariance in higher dimensions
May 5 Vladimir Rosenhaus CUNY Kinetic Theory of Waves for Turbulent States
May 12 (*11am*) Andrea Cristofoli Edinburgh An On-Shell Approach to Self-Force on Gravitational Plane Waves
May 12 (*1pm*) Jingyuan Chen Tsinghua University Instanton Operator in Lattice QCD from Higher Category Theory
May 19 Konstantinos Roumpedakis UCLA Non-Invertible Symmetries in Higher Dimensions
May 26 (*11am*) Zimo Sun Princeton Kallen-Lehman representations in de Sitter spacetime
May 26 (*1pm*) Massimo Porrati NYU A New Supertranslation-Invariant Angular Momentum Flux in Gravitational Scattering