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High Energy Theory Seminars 2023-2024

Seminars are held in 469 Lauritsen at 11am and via Zoom.

The organizers for this seminar series are Sridip Pal and Yuya Kusuki

Contact for Zoom information.


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 29 Tom Melia IPMU The classical equations of motion of quantised gauge theories
Oct 6 *10am* Alfredo Guevara Gonzalez Harvard Integrable Kerr Black Hole Spectrum from Twistor Symmetries
Oct 13 Richard Nally Cornell Evidence for KKLT de Sitter Vacua
Oct 20 Per Kraus UCLA Actions, S-Matrices and Edge Modes
Oct 27 Ahmed Almheiri NYU Holography on the quantum disk
Nov 3 Prahar Mitra Amsterdam Celestial Amplitudes in Effective Field Theories
Nov 10 Antony Speranza UIUC Generalized entropy for general subregions in quantum gravity
Nov 17 Nima Lashkari Purdue University Chaos in Observable Algebras of Quantum Gravity
Nov 24 No seminar Thanksgiving break
Dec 1 Giulia Isabella UCLA Massive gravity is not positive
- - - Winter break
Jan 5 Pratik Rath UC Berkeley A new proposal for holographic Renyi entropy
Jan 12 Minjae Cho Princeton How Bootstrap and Monte Carlo became friends
Jan 19 Yijian Zou Perimeter Institute The g-function and Defect Changing Operators from Wavefunction Overlap on a Fuzzy Sphere
Jan 26 (*11am) Chi-Ming Chang Tsinghua University BPS states in the large N limit
Jan 26 (*1pm) Yin-Chen He Perimeter Institute Fuzzy sphere regularization of 3D CFTs
Feb 2 Andreas Karch UT Austin AdS Higgs mechanism for double trace deformed CFTs
Feb 5(*2:30pm) Sandip Trivedi TIFR, Mumbai Matrix Entanglement and Beckenstein- Hawking Entropy
Feb 9 Gabriel Cuomo Princeton/NYU The EFT of Large Spin Mesons
Feb 16 Marija Tomasevic University of Amsterdam The correspondence between rotating black holes and fundamental strings
*Feb 20 (*2:00pm) Takuya Yoda Kyoto University Complex saddles and possible chaos in string scatterings
Feb 23 Shreya Vardhan Stanford Emergence and breakdown of the membrane picture in Brownian models
March 1 (*11am*) Joaquin Turiaci University of Washington Gravitational index of the heterotic string
March 1 (*1pm*) Nikolay Bobev KU Leuven A Holographic Triptych at Large N
March 8 (*11am*) Grant Remmen NYU Effective Field Theory Breakdown Near Cool Black Holes
March 8 (*1 pm*) Jonah Kudler-Flam IAS, Princeton Algebras and entropies for quantum field theory, black holes, and inflationary cosmology
- Spring break
April 5 Enrico Herrmann UCLA
April 12 (*11am*) Edward Mazenc ETH
April 12 (*1pm*) Alejandra Castro University of Cambridge
April 19 No seminar
April 26 Victor Rodriguez Princeton University
May 3 Luca Delacretaz University of Chicago
May 10 Daniel Brennan UC San Diego
May 17
May 24
May 31