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High Energy Physics Seminars 2019-20


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7-Oct Michele Papucci LBNL & Caltech Searching for Long Lived Particles at the LHC with Codex-b
14-Oct Soubhik Kuman Univ of Maryland Primordial Non-Gaussianity as a probe of (ultra high-energy) gauge theories
21-Oct Volodymyr Takhistov UCLA Connecting early Universe with Observations: from Primordial Black Holes to Sterile Neutrinos
28-Oct Raphael Flauger UCSD On the robustness of inflation to inhomogeneities
4-Nov Matthew Baumgart Arizona State Breakdown of the naive parton model in Super-Weak-Scale Collisions
12-Nov David Kaplan Univ of Washington Topological insulators and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in relativistic quantum field theory
18-Nov Clara Murgui IFIC. Univ de Valencia & Case Western Reserve The QCD axion and Unification
25-Nov Ken Van Tilburg KITP, UCSB The Large-Misalignment Mechanism for Compact Axion Structures
2-Dec No seminar
3-Dec Gopolang Mohlabeng Brookhaven National Lab Inelastic dark matter revives the dark photon explanation of the muon g-2 anomaly
9-Dec Dan Carney Univ of Maryland & FNAL An optomechanical architecture for dark matter detection
10-Dec Yi Wang Hong Univ of Science & Technology Inflation as a Cosmological Collider
16-Dec Lisa Randall Harvard The Boundaries of KKLT
6-Jan Marilena Loverde Stony Brook Separate Universe Techniques for Nonlinear Gravitational Evolution
13-Jan Martin Savage Univ of Washington Thinking about Simulations of Quantum Field Theories using Digital Quantum Computers
20-Jan Martin Luther King, Jr Day holiday no seminar
27-Jan Rachel Rosen Columbia On the Exotic Particles of de Sitter Spacetime
3-Feb S. James Gates Brown SUSY Rilles: A Speculation on Superstring Signatures in the Cosmic Microwave Background
10-Feb Dmitry Pushin Univ of Waterloo Structured Neutron Waves
17-Feb President's Day holiday no seminar
24-Feb Zhong-Zhi Xianyu Harvard Recent progress in cosmological collider physics
2-Mar Seyda Ipek UC Irvine QCD and Baryogenesis
9-Mar CANCELLED         Benjamin Nachman LBNL Deep Learning, Quantum Information, and the LHC as a Gluon Factory
30-Mar Carlos Blanco Univ of Chicago New Constraints on Dark Matter from Organic Targets: What Organic Chemistry Can do for Direct Detection
6-Apr Philip Harris MIT Teaching an Old LHC new Higgs
13-Apr CANCELLED               Julian Munoz Harvard Learning Cosmology from the First Stars
20-Apr CANCELLED        Cristina Mondino NYU TBD
27-Apr Philipp                 Schmidt-Wellenburg PSI New limit of the neutron electric dipole moment
4-May Da Liu UC Davis Composite Higgs Models at the LHC and beyond
11-May no seminar
18-May CANCELLED               Xiaochuan Lu Univ of Oregon TBD
25-May Memorial Day holiday no seminar
8-Jun Jennifer Ngadiuba CERN

Summer 2020, 10AM

22-Jun Michael Geller, Tel Aviv University Crunching Away the Cosmological Constant Problem
29-Jun Sanmay Ganguly, Weizmann Institute Of Science Towards a Computer Vision Particle Flow
6-Jul Claudia de Rham, Imperial College The Speed Gravity on a Curved Spacetime
13-Jul Nan Lu, Caltech New possibilities in Higgs measurements from detector upgrades at the HL-LHC,
20-Jul Angelo Esposito, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Phenomenological Applications of the EFTs for Condensed Matter
July 27 Andrei Nomerotski, Brookhaven National Laboratory Imaging and time-stamping optical photons with nanosecond resolution for QIS applications
3-Aug Guilherme Pimentel, University of Amsterdam Decoding and bootstrapping cosmological fluctuations,
10-Aug No Seminar
17-Aug Valerie Domcke, CERN & EPFL Lausanne High frequency gravitational waves
24-Aug Si Xie, Caltech First Observations of triple boson production at CMS
25-Aug Irene Dutta, Caltech The first evidence for second generation Yukawa couplings to the Higgs Boson as seen by the CMS detector at LHC, CERN
31-Aug Sebastian Ellis, SLAC Axion Dark Matter Detection in an RF Cavity
7-Sep Labor Day holiday
14-Sep Daniele Teresi, Università di Pisa Precarious Naturalness
21-Sep No seminar
28-Sep Fernando Romero-López, University of Valencia Two- and three-particle scattering amplitudes from lattice QCD