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High Energy Physics Seminars

Effective Spring Term 2022, all seminars are at 4pm in 469 unless specified..

Zoom link, inquire for password to attend via Zoom

In person talks are limited to those w/a valid Caltech ID.

The organizers of this seminar are Andreas Helset, Clara Murgui and Julio Parra-Martinez.


Date Name Affiliation Title
4-Oct *12 PM* Zoom Ilaria Brivio Heidelberg The SMEFT program at the LHC
11-Oct Yikun Wang Caltech Electroweak Bubble Wall Velocity
18-Oct Mikhail Ivanov IAS, Princeton EFT on the sky: from galaxies to black holes
25-Oct Enrico Herrmann UCLA Collider physics tools for classical gravitational wave observables
1-Nov *12 PM* Zoom Djuna Croon Durham Rethinking false vacuum decay
8-Nov No seminar
15-Nov Cari Cesarotti Harvard University Searching for New Physics at Future Muon Colliders
22-Nov Zoom Peizhi Du Stony Brook New backgrounds and new ideas for sub-GeV dark matter direct detection
29-Nov Zoom Xiaochuan Lu U. Oregon Is SMEFT Enough?
6-Dec Brent William Stone UCLA A search for heavy resonances decaying to HH in final states with leptons and a bottom quark pair in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=13 TeV.
13-Dec Kathryn Sutton Caltech MicroBooNE's Search for the MiniBooNE Low Energy Excess
Winter Break
10-Jan *9:45 am* Zoom Giuseppe Bevilacqua University of Siena Dressing and Tuning -Dressing of a spin 1/2 system
17-Jan no seminar MLK Jr. Day holiday
18-Jan - POSTPONED Jiangai Liu Shanghai University TBD
24-Jan Victor Gorbenko Stanford Analyticity and Unitarity for Cosmological Correlators
31-Jan Matteo Cremonesi University of Notre Dame Turning the LHC to the Dark Side: The Standard Dark Matter Search Approach, Its Limitations, and How to Overcome Them
7-Feb Zoom Cristian Peña Fermilab Unlocking the CMS Experiment to Catch Long-lived Particles
14-Feb Ian Moult Yale Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC
21-Feb no seminar President's Day holiday
24-Feb *1pm in 469 Lauritsen* Jonathan Ouellet MIT Searches for New Physics at the Edge of Absolute Zero
28-Feb Ryan Plestid University of Kentucky Coulomb enhancements for fundamental physics
7-Mar Zoom *10 am* Prateek Agrawal Oxford Axion Strings in the Sky
Spring Recess
28-Mar Yiming Zhong KICP, U. Chicago Precision Calculation of Inflation Correlators at One Loop
1-Apr *4pm* Joachim Kopp CERN, U. Mainz Dark Matter from Cosmological Phase Transitions
4-Apr *1pm* Eliezer Rabinovici CERN, H. U. Jerusalem Persistent Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking at High Temperatures
4-Apr *4pm* Zoom Michael Dine UCSC Light Quarks at Large N
11-Apr Mario Reig Oxford The axion-photon coupling and grand unified theories
18-Apr *12pm* Zoom Clifford Burgess Perimeter, McMaster U Surprising and Dark Implications of a Supersymmetric Gravity Sector
25-Apr No seminar
2-May Zoom Michael Ramsey-Musolf T.D. Lee Institute/Shanghai Jiao Tong U.,
U Mass Amherst.
Was There an Electroweak Phase Transition?
9-May Saptaparna Bhattacharya Northwestern University An experimental overview of effective  field theory exploration
at the LHC
16-May no seminar
30-May no seminar Memorial Day holiday