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High Energy Physics Seminars

All seminars are at 4pm in 469 unless specified.

Zoom link, inquire for password to attend via Zoom

In person talks are limited to those w/a valid Caltech ID.

The organizers of this seminar are Andreas Helset, Clara Murgui and Julio Parra-Martinez.


Date Name Affiliation Title
3-Oct Gustavo Marques Tavares U. Maryland Dark sector visible signals in neutron star mergers
10-Oct Benjamin Lehmann MIT Direct detection of dark matter far from the weak scale
17-Oct Da Liu UC Davis Gauge Invariance from On-Shell Massive Amplitudes and Tree-level Unitarity
24-Oct Keisuke Harigaya U Chicago Cosmology of Axion Rotation
31-Oct (*2 pm*) Tony Gherghetta U Minnesota 5D Perspectives on the QCD Axion
7-Nov Marcos Flores UCLA Primordial black holes and gravitational waves from long-range scalar forces
14-Nov Gioacchino Piazza IJCLab, Orsay Axion hot dark matter bound, reliably
21-Nov (*10:45 am*)
via Zoom
Sadra Jazayeri Inst Astrophys, Paris Cosmological Bootstrap in Slow Motion
28-Nov Kwinten Fransen UCSB On detecting equatorial symmetry breaking with LISA
5-Dec (*10:30 am*)
via Zoom
Kim Berghaus Stony Brook University Probing dark matter-nucleon interactions with Sub-GeV dark matter direct detection strategies
6-Dec (*4:00 pm*) Glennys Farrar NYU The muon g-2 and lattice QCD hadronic vacuum polarization may point to new, long-lived neutral hadrons
9-Dec (*2.00pm*) Michael Nee University of Oxford Catalysed Vacuum Decay
12-Dec (*10.30 am*)
via Zoom
Leonardo Badurina Kings College Ultralight dark matter searches with atom multi-gradiometry
Winter Break
9-Jan Quentin Bonnefoy UC Berkeley Symmetry breaking in EFTs: from CPV to the axion quality problem
16-Jan no seminar MLK Jr. Day holiday
23-Jan Yong-Zhong Qian U Minnesota Presupernova Neutrinos from Massive Stars as Probes of New Physics
30-Jan Ruth Britto Trinity College Dublin/IAS Coaction and cuts for Feynman diagrams and integrals
31-Jan Diego Blas UA Barcelona, IFAE Detecting (high frequency) gravitational waves in a box
6-Feb Markus Luty UC Davis Explorations in Hilbert Space
13-Feb Christina Gao UIUC Axion wind detection with the homogeneous precession domain of superfluid helium-3
20-Feb no seminar President's Day holiday
27-Feb Michael Trott Niels Bohr Institute SMEFT, loops and all that
6-Mar Daniel Stolarski Carleton University A chiral SU(5) theory with three generations
Spring Recess
3-Apr Justin Vines UCLA
10-Apr Seth Koren U Chicago
17-Apr Anupam Ray UC Berkeley &
Univ of Minnesota
24-Apr Mattheus Hostert Perimeter Institute
22-May Brian Batell U Pittsburgh
30-May no seminar Memorial Day holiday