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High Energy Theory Seminars

All talks are at 11am in 469 Lauritsen (unless otherwise noted) in a hybrid format.

Attendance is limited. Must have valid Caltech ID to attend talk in 469.

The organizer for this seminar series is Monica Kang.

The google calendar link for high energy theory seminar is here.


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Oct 1 Xingyang Yu NYU 2d N=(0,1) gauge theories, Spin(7) orientifolds and triality
Oct 7 @9AM Geoff Penington UC Berkeley Quantum minimal surfaces from quantum error correction
Oct 8 Blazej Ruba Jagellonian University Higher lattice gauge theories
Oct 15 Yiming Chen Princeton Aspects of the black hole/string transition
Oct 22 Adam Levine IAS Imaging the quantum extremal surface
Oct 29 Akhil Premkumar UCSD Regulating Loops in dS
Nov 5
Monica Guica IPhT Saclay JTbar-deformed CFTs as non-local CFTs
Nov 12 Fei Yan Rutgers Fun with SUSY defects
Nov 19 Andy Strominger Harvard w(1+infinty) and the Symmetries of Nature
Nov 26 no seminar Thanksgiving holiday
Dec 3 Clay Cordova U Chicago
Dec 10 (*11am*)
Christoph Keller Arizona University Extremal CFTs and Lattice Orbifolds
Wati Taylor MIT
Winter Break - - -
Jan 7 Nati Seiberg IAS
Jan 14 Sridip Pal IAS
Jan 21
Jan 28
Feb 4 Hubert Saleur USC
Feb 11
Feb 18
Feb 25 Steven Rayan U Saskatchewan
March 4
-Spring Break - - -
April 1
April 8
April 15
April 22
April 29
May 6
May 13
May 20
May 27