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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Cahill, Hameetman Auditorium
A Cloud-Scale View of the Star Formation Process
Eva Schinnerer, Staff Scientist, MPIA, Heidelberg,

Star formation is the vital process for stellar mass growth during the evolution of galaxies.
Our understanding of where stars form and how their formation is regulated across galactic
disks is surprisingly incomplete. In order to resolve the sites of recent (or future) star formation and sample the time evolution of the star formation process, high spatial resolution observations of nearby galaxies are required that reach the scales of the star-forming units, namely Giant Molecular Clouds (GMCs) and HII regions. With the advent of major facilities such as ALMA, JWST, HST, and VLT/MUSE, it is now possible to probe the molecular gas reservoir, dust and embedded star formation, young stellar clusters and stellar feedback at comparable resolution.

I will introduce the PHANGS (Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby GalaxieS) survey that is assembling a comprehensive database to study the matter cycle in galaxies and present our emerging picture of the star formation process from the collaboration research.

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