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High Energy Theory Seminars

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, all seminars are currently done remotely via zoom.
The organizers for this seminar are Monica Kang and David Meltzer.


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Oct 2 Matthew Dodelson IPMU Singularities of thermal correlators at strong coupling
Oct 9 Maria Rodriguez Utah State Univ. Central Charges for AdS Black Holes
Oct 16 Clifford Johnson USC Non-perturbative physics for JT gravity and supergravity
Oct 23 Tom Faulkner UIUC The holographic map as a conditional expectation
Oct 30
Davide Gaiotto Perimeter The ODE/IM solution of integrable Kondo problems
Nov 6 Roberto Emparan University of Barcelona Quantum BTZ black hole
Nov 13 Steven Rayan University of Saskatchewan Generalized hyperpolygons, meromorphic Higgs bundles on curves, and integrability
Nov 20 Francesca Ferrari SISSA and INFN Canceled
Nov 27 No Seminar Thanksgiving
Dec 4 Mina Aganagic UC Berkeley Khovanov homology from string theory
- - - Winter break
Jan 15 Jordan Cotler Harvard University New non-perturbative effects in the gravitational path integral
Jan 22 Rob Myers Perimeter Institute Quantum Extremal Islands Made Easy
Jan 29 David Vegh Queen Mary Univ. of London Pole-skipping in holographic theories
Feb 5 Clay Córdova University of Chicago Axions, Higher Groups, and Emergent Symmetry
Feb 12 Lakshya Bhardwaj Oxford University Confinement in 4d N=1 from 6d N=(2,0)
Feb 19 Irene Valenzuela Harvard University Recent Developments on the Swampland Distance Conjecture
Feb 26 Sebastian Mizera IAS Bounds on Crossing Symmetry
March 5 Andrea Puhm Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT
March 12 Douglas Stanford Stanford University
- - - Spring break
April 2
April 9 Sasha Zhiboedov CERN
April 16
April 23 Mukund Rangamani UC Davis/QMAP
April 30
May 7 Monica Pate Harvard University
May 14
May 21
May 28
June 4