Caltech High Energy Physics Monday Seminars 2019 - 2020

                                          ** Effective Monday, March 30, 2020 seminars will be held remotely.**

October 7, 2019     Michele Papucci, LBNL & Caltech, Searching for Long Lived Particles at the LHC with Codex-b
October 14, 2019   Soubhik Kumar, University of Maryland, Primordial Non-Gaussianity as a probe of (ultra high-energy) gauge 
                                                                                         theories -
see abstract here

October 21, 2019    Volodymyr Takhistov, UCLA, Connecting early Universe with Observations:
                                                                                          from Primordial Black Holes to Sterile Neutrinos
- see abstract here

October 28, 2019    Raphael Flauger, UC San Diego, On the robustness of inflation to inhomogeneities

November 4, 2019   Matthew Baumgart, Arizona State University, Breakdown of the naive parton model in Super-Weak-Scale Collisions, see abstract here

November 12, 2019  David Kaplan, University of Washington, Topological insulators and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in relativistic quantum field theory
Note special date
                                                                            See abstract here

November 18, 2019  Clara Murgui, IFIC, Universitat de Valencia & Case Western Reserve University, The QCD axion and Unification, see abstract here

November 25, 2019   Ken Van Tilburg, KITP, UCSB, The Large-Misalignment Mechanism for Compact Axion Structures, see abstract here

December 2, 2019   No seminar

Special Seminar       

December 3, 2019   Gopolang Mohlabeng, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Inelastic dark matter revives the dark photon explanation of the muon g-2 anomaly, see abstract here

December 9, 2019    Dan Carney, University of Maryland and FNAL,  An optomechanical architecture for dark matter detection, see abstract here

Special Seminar
December 10, 2019
, Y
i Wang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Inflation as a Cosmological Collider, see abstract here

December 16, 2019, Lisa Randall,  Harvard, The Boundaries of KKLT

Winter Recess

January 6, 2020    Marilena Loverde, SUNY Stony Brook, Separate Universe Techniques for Nonlinear Gravitational Evolution, see abstract here

January 13, 2020  Martin Savage, University of Washington, Thinking about Simulations of Quantum Field Theories using Digital Quantum Computers
January 20, 2020  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday

January 27, 2020  Rachel Rosen, Columbia University, On the Exotic Particles of de Sitter Spacetime

February 3, 2020  S. James Gates, Brown University, SUSY Rilles: A Speculation on Superstring Signatures in the Cosmic Microwave Background, see abstract here

February 10, 2020 Dmitry Pushin, University of Waterloo, Structured neutron waves, see abstract here

February 17, 2020  President's Day holiday

February 24, 2020  Zhong-Zhi Xianyu, Harvard, Recent progress in cosmological collider physics

March 2, 2020      Seyda Ipek, UC Irvine, QCD and Baryogenesis, see abstract here

March 9, 2020      CANCELLED Benjamin Nachman, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Deep Learning, Quantum Information, and the LHC as a Gluon Factory, see abstract here 

Spring Recess

March 30, 2020  Zoom talk
                           Carlos Blanco
, University of Chicago, New Constraints on Dark Matter from Organic Targets: What Organic Chemistry Can do for Direct Detection,
see abstract here

April 6, 2020    Zoom talk
                          Philip Harris, MIT, TBD

April 13, 2020  CANCELLED Julian Munoz, Harvard, Learning Cosmology from the First Starts

April 20, 2020   Cristina Mondino, NYU, TBD

April 27, 2020  Philipp Schmidt-Wellenburg, PSI, TBD

May 4, 2020     Claudius Krause, Fermilab, TBD

May 11, 2020   David Shih, Rutgers, TBD

May 18, 2019   Xiaochuan Lu, University of Oregon, TBD

May 25, 2020  Memorial Day holiday

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