Physics 230b: Elementary Particle Theory
Winter 2018

Monday & Wednesday 9:00-10:25am
Lauritsen 469

Instructor:     Sergei Gukov
Office hours: Monday 10:30-12:30, or by appointment, Lauritsen 448

List of potential topics:
Suggested Reading for the Winter Term:
Week Topic Suggested Problems
1 QCD4  
2 Elements of TQFT CP(n) sigma-model
3 Instead of Jan 17 we will have a class on Jan 12  
4 anyons and TQFT  
5 Computations in TQFT and the "framing anomaly" Trefoil knot
6 2d Yang-Mills, 't Hooft limit, and holography  
7 2d Schwinger model  
8 Bosonization  
9 Dualities  
10 phases of gauge theories and order parameters 't Hooft operators