High Energy Theory Journal Club/Informal Meeting

This journal club is for relatively informal discussion of topics that happen to be interesting us, and the topics listed are usually just rough topics, not titles. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Andrew Frey know.
These meetings are in 469 Lauritsen at 2:30PM on Thursdays, ending before the 4PM physics colloquium.
Jan. 20 Hiroyuki Fuji (KEK) Gravitational Corrections to SQCD via Matrix Models
Jan. 27   See Seminar Schedule
Feb. 3   See Seminar Schedule
Feb. 10 Takuya Okuda Calabi-Yau Crystals from Chern-Simons
Feb. 17   See Seminar Schedule
Feb. 24 Mihai Bondarescu Black Holes and Strings with Non-trivial Compactifications
Mar. 3 Alejandro Jenkins Predictive Landscape Issues
Mar. 10 Keisuke Ohashi (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) Solitons in the Higgs phase and their moduli spaces
Mar. 17   Exams/Spring Break
Mar. 25
N.B. Friday, 1PM
Group Discussion Please read Kolb et al, hep-th/0503117
Mar. 31   No Meeting
Apr. 7 Andrew Frey String Thermodynamics and Brandenberger-Vafa Cosmology
Apr. 14 Hirosi Ooguri Black Holes and Topological Strings
Apr. 22
N.B. Friday, 2:30PM
Masaki Shigemori N=2 SUGRA, Black Holes, and the Attractor Mechanism
(see hep-th/0007195)
Apr. 28 Anton Kapustin Thoughts about Half-Twisted Models
May 5   No Meeting
May 12 Masaki Shigemori Black Holes & Attractors (part II)
May 19 Jason Kumar (Michigan) Surveying Flux Vacua
May 26   No Meeting
June 2   No Meeting
June 9
N.B. 3:30 PM
Group Discussion Please read Karch & Randall, hep-th/0506053
June 16 Michael Graesser Review of MSSM
June 23 Norihiro Iizuka (Tata) U(1)2 Attractor: 100 % spinor free!
June 30   No Meeting
July 7   No Meeting
July 14   No Meeting

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