High Energy Theory Journal Club/Informal Meeting

This journal club is for relatively informal discussion of topics that happen to be interesting us, and the topics listed are usually just rough topics, not titles. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Sakura Schafer-Nameki know.
These meetings are in 469 Lauritsen on the day and time listed below for each quarter (except when specially noted).

2006 Winter Schedule

Fall Quarter
Weds, 1:00 PM
Sept 20
Natalia Saulina
Stabilization of runaway quiver
Sept 27
Elias Kiritsis
(Crete U and Ecole Polytechnique)
Supersymmetric Standard Model embedding in
Orientifold String Vacua
Oct 4
Sakura Schafer-Nameki
Quantum aspects of strings in AdS_5 x S^5 and integrability

***This seminar will begin at 2:00pm***
Oct 11
Ryuichiro Kitano
Dynamical GUT breaking and mu-term driven SUSY breaking
Oct 18
Johannes Walcher
Opening Mirror Symmetry on the Quintic
Oct 25
Andrei Mikhailov
Pure Spinors
Refs: hep-th/0509120 and hep-th/0609012
Nov 1
Laurent Baulieu
Supersymmetric renormalization prescription and finiteness in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory
Nov 8
Joseph Marsano
Phase Structure of Free and Weakly Coupled Yang-Mills Theories on S^3
Nov 15
Daniel Jafferis
Crystals and Intersecting Branes
Nov 22
No Talk
Thanksgiving Break
Nov 29
Minxin Huang
Topological Strings on Compact Calabi-Yau Spaces
Dec 6
Taizan Watari
Yukawa coupling, LSP decay, and the GUT relation
Refs: hep-th/0602238, hep-ph/0605315 (and work in progress)
Dec 13
Chang Soon Park
Gauge/gravity duality and meta-stable dynamical supersymmetry breaking
Ref: hep-th/0610212