High Energy Theory Journal Club/Informal Meeting

This journal club is for relatively informal discussion of topics that happen to be interesting us, and the topics listed are usually just rough topics, not titles. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let Joe Marsano know.
These meetings are in 469 Lauritsen on the day and time listed below for each quarter (except when specially noted).

2005-2006 Schedule

Spring Quarter
Weds, 2PM
March 29   No Meeting
April 5 Ketan Vyas 't Hooft Lines and Singular Monopoles
April 12 Yutaka Ookouchi Intriligator, Seiberg, & Shih
April 19 Group Reading The String Landscape and the Swampland
Talk by Douglas
April 26   No Meeting
May 3 Sergei Gukov Categorification and Gauge Theory
May 10 Ian Swanson (IAS) Deformed AdS/CFT and Integrability
May 17   No Meeting
May 24   No Meeting
May 31   No Meeting
June 7   No Meeting
June 14 Andrew Frey Nonperturbative Description of Orientifolds, etc.

Winter Quarter
Tues, 2PM
Jan. 10 Andrew Frey Thermal Strings & the CMB
(see hep-th/0511140)
Jan. 17   No Meeting
Jan. 24 Anton Kapustin Work with Witten
Geometric Langlands
Jan. 31   See seminar schedule
Feb. 7 Anton Kapustin Geometric Langlands
Feb. 14 Anton Kapustin Geometric Langlands
Feb. 21   No Meeting
Feb. 28   No Meeting
March 7 Andy Neitzke Automorphic Forms, etc
(continued from March 3)
March 14   See seminar schedule
March 21   See seminar schedule
Fall Quarter
Tues, 4PM
Oct. 11 Andrew Frey Brane Flux Couplings and MSSM
Oct. 18 Oleg Evnin D-brane Annihilation
Oct. 25 Masaki Shigemori Microstates of D1/D5
Nov. 1 Jie Yang Topological Strings & Chern-Simons
Nov. 8 Paul Cook Baby Universes in String Theory
Nov. 15   No Meeting
Nov. 22   See seminar schedule
Nov. 29 Andrei Mikhailov Strings on S2 and sine-Gordon
(see hep-th/0511069)
Dec. 6   No Meeting