Caltech High Energy Physics Monday Seminars 2003-2004

                                          All seminars are held at 4 p.m. in 469 Lauritsen unless otherwise noted.

October 6, 2003


October 13, 2003

October 20, 2003

            Christian Bauer,  Caltech, The theory of exclusive B decays

October 27, 2003

            Harry Lipkin,  Weizmann Inst, New Meson and Baryon Data - Exotics (?) Challenges for QCD

November 3, 2003

            Shufang Su, University of Arizona, The lightest Higgs Boson of mSUGRA, mGMSB and mAMSB at Present and Future
                                                                    Colliders: Observability and Precision Analyses

November 10, 2003

             Mark Wise, Caltech, Enhanced Nonperturbative Effects in Jet Physics

November 17, 2003

            Kaustubh Agashe, Johns Hopkins, Warped Compactifications: Flavor, Precision Tests and Grand Unification

November 24, 2003 - Note: just added
 Ilya Narsky, Caltech,  The End of Chi-Squareds and a New Era in Goodness of Fit Tests

November 25, 2003 : Note: Special Seminar

           Ira Rothstein, Carnegie Mellon, Power corrections and the pion form factors: A new approach
                                                              to an old problem

December 1, 2003

Pierre Sikivie, University of Florida, Cold dark matter caustics

December 8, 2003

            Misha Voloshin, University of Minnesota, 1. Eta transitions in heavy quarkonium enhanced by the axial anomaly in QCD.
                                                                              2. Relative yield of B^+B^- and B^0 Bbar^0 at Upsilon(4S).

January 5, 2004

            Alan Weinstein, Caltech, First searches for gravitational waves from LIGO
January 12, 2004
            Iain Stewart, MIT, Color-Suppressed Nonleptonic Decays and Factorization
January 19, 2004
             Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday
January 26, 2004
            Paddy Fox, UC Santa Cruz, Dirac gauginos via (localized) Supersoft Supersymmetry breaking

February 2, 2004
            No seminar
February 9, 2004
            Elizabeth Jenkins, UC San Diego, Baryon Exotics in the 1/N_c Expansion
February 16, 2004
             President's Day holiday
February 23, 2004
            Sean Fleming, Carnegie Mellon, J/psi production in e+e- annihilations at \sqrt{s} = 10.6 GeV

March 1, 2004
            Stefan Bosch, Cornell,  A new Precision Measurement of |V_ub |
March 8, 2004
            Gilad Perez, Berkeley, Split fermions: Flavor hierarchy & Leptogenesis

March 22, 2004
            Owen Long, UC Santa Barbara, TBD

March 29, 2004
            Zoltan Ligeti, LBL, Berkeley, SU(3) relations and the CP asymmetries in b -> s decays
April 5, 2004
             Martin Savage, University of Washington, How to extract some properties of nuclei from lattice qcd
April 12, 2004
            Yuval Grossman, SLAC, Sleptogenesis
April 19, 2004
            Brent Nelson, University of Pennsylvania, String Motivated Benchmark Models for Colliders
April 26, 2004
            Justin Albert, Caltech, Invisible B Decays?
May 3, 2004

            Alex Friedland, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Solar and atmospheric neutrinos as probes of neutrino-matter interactions
May 10, 2004
            Geraldine Servant, University of Chicago, Warped unification, proton stability and dark matter
May 12, 2004 - Note special date
              Christophe Grojean, Service de Physique Theorique, CEA Saclay, Higgsless Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

May 17, 2004
            Graham Kribs, IAS, The Supersymmetric Composite "Fat Higgs" Model
May 19, 2004 - Note special date
              Arjun Berera, University of Edinburgh, Understanding the regimes of warm and cold inflation

May 24, 2004

            Rahul Sinha, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Taramani, India, Weak phase measurements and New Physics signals using B-> VV decays

May 31, 2004
            Memorial Day holiday
June 7, 2004
           Marvin Weinstein, SLAC, Quantized Cosmology

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