Caltech High Energy Physics Monday Seminars 2010 -2011

                                          All seminars are held at 4:15 p.m. in 469 Lauritsen unless otherwise noted.

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September 29, 2010, note special date

             Luca Vecchi, LANL, Technicolor at Criticality
October 4, 2010

             Juan Collar, KICP, Univ of Chicago, COUPP and CoGeNT

October 12, 2010, note special date

            TALK POSTPONED - will update to a later date - watch calendar for new date.
             Wade Fisher
, Michigan State U., Tevatron Higgs searches

October 18, 2010

            Warren Essey, UCLA, Secondary photons and neutrinos from distant blazars and the intergalactic magnetic fields

October 25, 2010
            Benjamin Monreal, UCSB, KATRIN and Project 8

November 1, 2010

             Pierre Artoisenet, Ohio State University, Automation of the matrix element reweighting method

November 8, 2010

             Giovanni Villadoro, SLAC, Low Scale Flavor Gauge Symmetries

November 15, 2010
   Antoine Calvez, UCLA, Energy-Dependent Composition of UHECRs and the Future of Charged Particle Astronomy Abstract

November 16, 2010, note special date
             Heather Gray , Columbia/Caltech, ATLAS

November 22, 2010

             Alex Dahlen, Princeton UnivThe Fastest Decay in the Landscape

November 29, 2010
  Stijn Buitink, LBL, IceCube
November 30, 2010 note: special date
             Surjeet Rajendram, MIT/Johns Hopkins, Dark Matter Axion Detection with Molecular Interferometry

December 6, 2010
             Clifford Cheung, UC Berkeley, Signs of a Hidden Sector from Supersymmetry(s)

Winter Recess

January 10, 2011

             Chris Polly, Fermilab, Recent anti-nus from MiniBooNE

January 17, 2011
            Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

January 18, 2011 note: special date
              Rouven Essig, SLAC, The Search for New GeV-scale Forces

January 24, 2011
Guennadi Borissov, Lancaster Univ, Searches for new sources of CP violation with DZero detector Abstract
January 31, 2011
              no talk

February 7, 2011
             Shufang Su, University of Arizona, Simplified Model for Same Sign Dilepton Signal and Related Phenomenology

February 14, 2011
             Stephen Hsu, University of Oregon, Physical consequences of the QED theta angle Abstract        
February 21, 2011
             President's Day Holiday
February 28, 2011
              Marco Ajello, SLAC/KIPAC, Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

March 7, 2011
              Xin Qian, Caltech, Measurement of Single Target-Spin Asymmetry in Semi-Inclusive Pion Electroproduction on a Transversely Polarized $^3$He Target

Spring Recess
April 4, 2011
             Andrew Liam Fitzpatrick, Boston University, Effective Conformal Theory and Applications to Model-Building
April 11, 2011
             Gil Paz, University of Chicago, The charge radius of the proton: a 5 sigma discrepancy?
April 18, 2011
             no talk
April 25, 2011
Morgan Wascko, Imperial College, T2K

May 2, 2011
            Kathryn Zurek, Univ of Michigan, On New Physics models for the Tevatron Top Forward Backward Asymmetry
May 9, 2011

            Yasunori Nomura, UC Berkeley, Physical Predictions and the Quantum Multiverse

May 16, 2011

            Wade Fisher, Michigan State Univ, Higgs at the Tevatron
May 23, 2011
            Dante Amidei, Univ of Michigan, Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Top Quark Pair Production
May 30, 2011
            Memorial Day Holiday

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