Caltech High Energy Physics Monday Seminars 2009-2010

                                          All seminars are held at 4:15 p.m. in 469 Lauritsen unless otherwise noted.

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October 5, 2009

             Mitchell Soderberg, Yale, Development of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers in the U.S.

October 12, 2009

             Matthew Johnson, Caltech, Testing eternal inflation with cosmic bubble collisions

October 19, 2009

             Robert Bernstein, Fermilab, A New High-Sensitivity Search for Muon-to-Electron Conversion at Fermilab abstract

October 26, 2009
          Johan Alwall, SLAC, Measuring Sparticles with the Matrix Element
October 27, 2009 ***Special Tuesday seminar  4:15pm  location:  248 Lauritsen***
          Robert Nelson, CU-Boulder,  A Measurement of Neutrino Induced Charged Current Pion Production at MiniBooNE  abstract

November 2, 2009
  Daniel Whiteson, UCI, CDF in its prime: searchs for b', Z' and friends abstract

November 9, 2009

             Iain Stewart, MIT, Determining alphas(mZ): New Precision Results from Jets

November 16, 2009
   George W.S. Hou, National Taiwan University, CP Violation for the Heaven and Earth - a KM Saga
November 23, 2009
  Zoltan Ligeti, LBNL, Supermodels for Early LHC

November 30, 2009
  Joel Fajans, Berkeley, Antimatter Production, Trapping and Antimatter Plasmas

Winter Recess

January 11, 2010***Special 11:00 AM Seminar added***
             Gordon Kane, University of Michigan, String theory, dark matter, cosmological history and LHC, 11:00 AM, 469 Lauritsen

January 11, 2010
             Lee Roberts, Boston University, g-2

January 18, 2010
            Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

January 25, 2010
Mark Hogan, SLAC, Facilities for Accelerator Science and Experimental Test Beams at SLAC
February 1, 2010
             Maxim Pospelov, University of Victoria, Secluded Dark Matter and Dark Forces

February 8, 2010
             David Moore, Caltech, New Results from the Final Runs of the CDMS-II Experiment abstract

February 15, 2010
             President's Day Holiday           
February 22, 2010
             Michael Salem, Tufts, Observable effects of anisotropic bubble nucleation

March 1, 2010
             Elizabeth Jenkins, UCSD, Understanding Baryon Masses from the Lattice

Spring Recess
April 5, 2010
             Tim Tait, UCI, A Few Interesting Trees in the WIMP Forest
April 12, 2010
             Mariangela Lisanti, Stanford, Disentangling Dark Matter Dynamics
April 13, 2010 - note special seminar
              Jay Wacker, SLAC, Composite Inelastic Dark Matter
April 19, 2010 - TALK CANCELLED
            Marcelo Gleiser, Dartmouth, Oscillons in Scalar and Gauge Field Theories: Theory and Applications
             in Particle Physics and Cosmology abstract
April 26, 2010
Edward L. Wright, UCLA, Cosmic Anomalies: A Skeptical Evaluation

May 3, 2010
            Philip Schuster, SLAC, New Gauge Forces at the GeV-Scale
May 10, 2010

            Daniel Stolarski, Berkeley, The Bestest Little Higgs

May 17, 2010

            Peter Graham, Stanford, Observing the Dimensionality of Our Parent Vacuum
May 24, 2010
            Marat Gataullin, Caltech, LHC and CMS
May 31, 2010
            Memorial Day Holiday

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