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Conference Poster

Artwork by Ingrid Becker

The Conference "String Theory at The Millennium" is organized by the Caltech-USC Center for Theoretical Physics.

Invited Speakers:

T. Banks (Rutgers & Santa Cruz) L. Randall (Princeton U. & MIT)
R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam) J. Schwarz (Caltech)
M. Gell-Mann (Santa Fe Institute) N. Seiberg (IAS Princeton)
M. Green (Cambridge) A. Sen (Allahabad)
D. Gross (ITP Santa Barbara) S. Shenker (Stanford)
S. Hawking (Cambridge) I. M. Singer (MIT)
J. Maldacena (Harvard) A. Strominger (Harvard)
H. Ooguri (Berkeley & Caltech) L. Susskind (Stanford)
J. Polchinski (ITP Santa Barbara) G. 't Hooft (Utrecht)
A. Polyakov (Princeton U.) C. Vafa (Harvard)
E. Witten (IAS Princeton & Caltech)

Organizing Committee:


The Conference will be held at Caltech. For a map of the Caltech campus click here.


This conference is not intended to be for the general public. For this reason we would like to discourage people who are not theoretical physicists from registering for this conference.


Enquiries regarding this conference may be sent to the address: or contact the conference secretary Helen Tuck at the phone number (626) 395-6685.

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